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From Strategy to Growth: 9 Actionable Content Marketing Tactics

Regarding lead generation, content marketing is an ideal approach to pursue. To gain a competitive edge, delve into the various types of content marketing that we have curated for this blog post.

Content Marketing Strategies You Can Take Benefit From

Blog Posts

Blogs are the core of content marketing and a big-time WIN-WIN for businesses. They help you build brand awareness and increase the chances of engagement with your targeted audience looking for mold removal. Why blogs for mold remediation content marketing?

It gives you a space or platform to talk about yourself, your business and your services. It is that one space where you can be all in all YOU. Take full advantage of platforms like WordPress, where you can educate people about your brand, narrate your story best, and represent your business the way you see it. And all these efforts will surely lead them to be your loyal customers because you have built a relationship of trust with them through words.


Quick videos and short reels are so much in trend that you must benefit from them. Generating ideas for video making, editing, and content for that video takes up a lot of hassles. But all the hassles made are worthwhile if you use the right platform.  Study shows that 48% of consumers or visitors rely on video of any product to decide.

So for your mold removal services, create short videos that show how you work (e.g. how you remove the mold out of any place without causing any damage) and what results you promise (e.g. with your mold removal services, your customers can have their beautiful wall back). Mold removal is not easy, and we know that. Let your audience know how you make it hassle-free.


Visuals always have a great impact on your customer. Keeping today’s lifestyle ahead, we are running after so many things at once that reading long posts sometimes becomes very difficult. Here, infographics play the role.  

Where you have written long paragraphs to explain a process, you can use visuals to explain it. It helps you simplify complex stats into simple numbers or percentages like nothing.


Checklists are helpful when your reader likes to skim through the content to discover its value.  Add a checklist to any content you publish, whether a blog post or posting on social media channels. Pick up the checkpoints of your subject, highlight them, and you are all set to generate exclusive leads.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become the next big thing in the marketing industry, and all types of businesses can benefit from it. Study shows that for each dollar you spend in collaboration with influencers to market your business, you generate $6.50. Isn’t that great? So, let’s partner with influencers around you. The good thing is that you don’t have to make any hassles. They do everything for your brand; all you have to do is collect the generated revenue.


You sometimes need to educate your audience about your business or service before they make a purchase. Choose a fun way to spread awareness or be very specific; your purpose is to fulfil the buyer’s journey. Guides and how-to articles are a great way to spread knowledge about your company. In such types of articles, you have a space for entertaining the queries of your to-be customer online. If you are good at communicating through words, it is your way to build your brand.


Marketing does not have to be boring at all. That is why traditional forms of marketing are almost dead now. Your audience is looking for fun, attractive and entertaining ways on social media.

The trend of spreading memes on topics of interest is a great way to hook your potential customers for longer. Memes are only sometimes to joke about but to spread awareness as well. If you have good humour, make them part of your mold remediation content marketing strategy.


Increase your audience engagement by replying to customers’ reviews. Remember that reviews do not always have to be positive, which is great. Negative reviews are more helpful in winning your audience. How? If your customer is unhappy with your service experience, ensure you have something to compensate them. Your instant response and words can help you restore the lost game.


While capturing your audience’s attention is commendable, sustaining it over the long term can be challenging for many. Newsletters and email lists can be instrumental in consistently keeping your company’s name in front of your customers. Even if your subscribers don’t open every email, simply seeing your company’s name in the sender’s column reminds them that you are always available if they require your services. However, having a high open rate for your email content is even more advantageous. Achieving this largely depends on ensuring your content is enjoyable, relevant, and informative.

Nevertheless, your specific content type will ultimately depend on your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are negative reviews helpful in content marketing?

Yes, they are the hidden ingredient of your recipe for a successful mold removal content strategy. Accidents or bad services can happen at times. However, you can win customers by being available to resolve the problem. 

Is content marketing worth paying for?

Content marketing is a huge cluster of small elements that gather up to make a strong appearance of your brand. So, invest in your content marketing, and you will love the results. 

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