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Crack the Facebook Ads Winning Formula:

7 Step NO-FAIL Formula to Generate 27

Mold Remediation leads in 10 days

Staring back to the screen won’t drive you any leads!If you are struggling to figure out a formula for generating mold remediation leads through Facebook ads for quite some time, you’re not ALONE!

To attract regular cash flow, sales and build revenue, the one thing that you need the most to achieve it all is – TRAFFIC!
There are several sources for driving traffic to your business but one platform that tops it all is Facebook.
None of us can ignore the power of Facebook for your business advertisement and driving qualified leads in a limited time.

On an average, a social media user comes across 1500 ads every month by different brands but how many ads do you actually remember? 
To get a complete hold of your advertising campaign, you need to have a no-fail leads driven formula in your pocket to stop scrollers dead in their tracks!

How we developed the NO-FAIL Extremely Powerful formula (talk about extensive experience Mold remediation niche)

Out of thousands of ads, your audience’s memory only registers a few of them because the “X” factor in all those ads successfully captured their attention. How is it possible to run a successful ad campaign and drive leads through in a much crowded space?

So our journey began when our clients used to reach us with the same problem of “low-quality leads” and “unresponsive ads” that neither helps in converting nor connecting with the brand. Due to the lack of research, experience and resources, the mold remediation business owners were facing the dire consequences of running the Facebook ads with no return. That’s when we decided to put a stop to awkward conversations with your customers and instead scale your Facebook ads that never goes unnoticed! 

Countless hours of research, rigorous testing and invaluable extensive experience led us to a breakthrough; the no-fail extremely powerful formula. Our experience in the mold remediation niche allows us to leverage your marketing and boost your online presence for better results.

But it doesn’t stop here. We understand the pain points faced by mold remediation businesses while struggling to acquire customers everyday. The biggest challenge lies in reaching the right audience—the ones desperately seeking a trusted solution to their mold problems.

The powerful combination of cutting-edge technology with the wisdom acquired from years of practical mold remediation expertise help us to successfully transform the mold remediation landscape for hundreds of business owners. We masterfully craft captivating campaigns that not only capture attention but also educate and empower.

Today, we are about to talk about all those elements that every good Facebook ad contains and are incredibly important to make any social campaign a big success. So, if you want your audience to stop the scroll, you are at the right place!

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Pinpoint Your Target:

Reach Mold-Stricken Homeowners Who Needs You

The formula we are about to elaborate won’t work for every industry but when it comes to mold inspection business, it can be a gamechanger. A legit trick to scale your Facebook ads for filling sales funnel with qualified leads in just 10-days is to pinpoint your target and make your ad reach every customer in need of your services.To reach every customer effectively, you need to target the audience by location. Let’s say when you are advertising mold inspection business and want to target the immediate area for quick sales but you not only want to target the only people with homes there, but also the visitors who often come into the specific area, too. 
You need to follow the marketing plan by keeping an option “people who recently visited this place”, too. But if you are targeting a whole city excluding tourists and all, you need to simply go for people who live in the “X” area.Along with pinpointing your target audience for precise marketing, you can also define the targeting area by explaining area into the miles to Facebook. The more you get specific about your targeting, the better are the chances of yielding the best results.

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Hook, Line and Sinker:

3 Steps to write Captivating Ad Copy

So, converting new leads into the high-paying customers is not that simple when you are surviving in the cut-throat industry! Your ad copy is not only filling the page with words but delivering equal value to the audience that compels them to come back for more. 

When the audience is at the top of your sales funnel (which is when they are about to enter into the funnel), they are completely unaware of your services, business and overall marketing approach.
The goal of a captivating copy is to slip them to the bottom where they finally buy your services and become repeat customers. But all that is happening with the help of effective and captivating ad copy. 

The funnels can be complex but with your ad copy, you can make them way too simple! The three steps that you need to include in your ad copy are:

Hook: To make your audience cut-through all the noise and only focus on you, you need more than just a simple ad copy. You need to develop a hook that stops your audience and makes them read further.
The hook of your copy is the first and lasting impression on the audience. The hook should be a first line of your ad copy that encourages the audience to click on it and enter to learn more.

CTA with FOMO: You must have stumbled upon the phrase “FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)”. When you pull a psychological trigger into your copy and develop scarcity, the audience indulge themselves completely into your ad and try their best to act on it.

Your CTA should be powerful, short and must contain psychological triggers to make ad copy as captivating as possible.

Bridge: Instead of only talking about your services, develop a bridge between you and the audience! Every bridge is responsible for reducing miles between two points and that’s what your copy bridge should do, too.
Your ad copy must address the concerns of your audience before you jump on to providing them solutions and selling your mold service. First, twist a knife on their pains like Gordon Ramsey juggles carrots.

Ad copy for water damage?

  •  Paint a picture for them of what’s about to come. The messy plumbing issues, the soaking floors and the clogged bath. 
  • Next, take advantage of the agitated prospect state of mind and showcase your solution.
  • But keep it real, don’t be that guy who promises the world and delivers nothing.
  • Be genuine, no empty words, no fake promises and above all, no bogus pricing.

Strategic Ad Placement:

Make Mold Remediation ads Pop Where it matters

Before we jump to the results and excitedly hope to find the big numbers in our funnel, it’s important to understand strategic ad placement and why it’s critical to only show ads where it actually matters. Strategic ad placement is not always manual but Facebook allows you to choose an automatic placement option. 

Because Facebook wants you to have maximum flexibility as sometimes the demand of an ad is somewhere else than an area you are choosing to publish your ad. 

But if you choose manual ad placement, you have to choose from the given options to manually place your ads anywhere. Based on the performance of your ads, you can change placement and follow the process of lather, rinse and repeat.

Create irresistible offers:

Win Over leads with Deals they can’t resist

There is nothing more painful for a business owner than losing their hard-earned money on ads with no results. If you are tired of trial and error methods, it’s time to load your ad with irresistible offers that your audience can’t turn their faces from. 

Many mold inspection companies never develop profitable sales from the Facebook ads just because their offers are not aligning with the current requirement of their audience. Your deals can only fill the sales funnel with qualified leads when your offers have emotional aspects, too along with fulfillment of practical requirements. 
If you have successfully created irresistible offers to attract the audience, your mold inspection services will sell without even selling. Also, you can join hands with social causes that compel audiences to connect with your brand and contribute their part. Without being salesy, sweeten your offer that they can’t reject.

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Conversion-Oriented Landing pages:

Turn clicks into Qualified leads

Whether you want to double your sales, leads or traffic, the landing page is the single most important part of your sales funnel. If you are not putting enough effort into the landing page, your marketing efforts will remain incomplete. 

Landing pages are critical to convert leads into qualified leads and they single-handedly can bring you repeated sales for a long time. The effective landing page that fills your sales funnel with leads must have transparency, no fluff and high-value content. 

The job of a landing page is not only to allure customers to enter into a sales funnel and utilize your services but to address audience’s issues and demonstrate the quality of your business to encourage them to join you. Your landing page must deliver a free high value promise that makes your overall ad incredibly powerful and compelling.

Unleash the power of Data:

Optimize Your campaigns for maximum impact

To optimize your Facebook ads, you need a mix of strategies that should be clever and equally compelling to the audience. The power of data while developing a Facebook ad is massive and it can be a game changer for your next campaign. 

After collecting the data, many businesses often create separate campaigns for each audience but to keep it simple, you should develop one campaign and within it, create different ad sets to target several segments by defining their characteristics accordingly. 

While optimizing your performance, you need to identify every opportunity coming your way to leave the maximum impact on your audience. A facebook ad can do wonders for your mold inspection business when you optimize it according to your advertisement objective. 

You must scale the optimization with automation so the performance won’t go sluggish regardless of the season. After getting the data of your audience, you need to arrange it and utilize it in the best possible way to yield the desired results. The more data you collect from the audience, the better optimization you can do of your Facebook ad.

Test, Tweak, and Triumph :

Grow Your Lead Generation Machine with Confidence

Once your Facebook ads are all set to drive loads of leads to the mold inspection business, it’s time to go for the formula test, tweak and triumph. If you are not completely oblivious of digital marketing, you must have heard about A/B testing and its importance. 

Without testing your ads, you will never get to know what is aligning with your audience and what isn’t? Once you publish the ads, it’s time to test several versions of it, tweak them accordingly and record the results again.When you target the audience according to their demographics, you are doing logical stuff but you’ll never know what version of your ad holds their best interest without conducting A/B testing. You should keep following factors in consideration while testing your Facebook adsCompare all the ad elementsDevelop different versions of the same adTweak your message in each versionSolid and visible CTA buttonsConsider ad placements

After your initial test and preliminary results, make changes accordingly and repeat the process until you are getting what you really want. A successful Facebook ad will keep your sales funnel filled with numerous leads and your calendar will be marked throughout the month!

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